Ruinland Ranger 2 is out!

Join William – the not so lonely Ranger – and his growing harem of monster girls on an epic delve into a frontier of dungeons ruled by ancient powers, overpowered monsters, and scattered colonies of foolhardy adventurers.

Welcome to my website

Hi. I’m Sain Artwell, an author of haremlit and sexy pulp fantasy. I have one book out, but more are coming. You can find my works on Amazon (make that a link to zon profile.)

My gateway drug to writing were forum roleplays. They eventually advanced to short stories and then longer works. Boy I do hope someone reads these.

My newsletter and facebook page are best ways to keep up to date on my writing updates.


Currently working on the first book of a new series. RR3 will likely follow after that.

Ruinland Ranger 2 is out!

Finally got this one out and into the wilds! Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as the first book.