Artist's rendering of my favorite knitted hat worn by a handsome well dweller.

I’m your regular washed out academic from Finland — cynical, yet addicted to wholesome stories of struggling heroes. Never really consider writing for others, until life revealed the reality of my more grounded aspirations to be a bunch of ********. I mean, huzzah! Science!

My writing began with spicy forum roleplays and short stories mainly for my own and a small group’s enjoyment. Those stories quickly gravitated towards fantasy, monster girls, wacky action, and spicy adventures. Blame it on over consumption of anime, manga, and artwork by the great butt connoisseurs of our time. Fantasy classics, video games, comic-books, and tabletop RPGs have also had a huge influence on my writing as have those early years of collaborative writing.

Surprisingly, it took me a long time to discover that haremlit was a thing and a perfect place to smash as many of my favorite pulp fantasy tropes into one book as possible. Hopefully, someone will find enjoyment in my stories as I’ve found in so many works of the other authors of this genre.